Elite Behaviour Consultancy provides advanced training, advice and support to the education and care sectors. We target a number of important areas, empowering staff with real and effective strategies that encourage the beneficial and safe management of young people’s behaviour. No matter how extreme the situation, environments where all children and adults flourish without the need for permanent exclusions and negative experiences is achievable.

The Respect Approach

This package facilitates the development of positive strategies within your provision, the objective being to enhance the school experience of all children regardless of setting.

It is a highly effective behaviour-management course that imparts a valuable understanding of children’s behaviour and offers practical and tested methods that can greatly improve the knowledge and well-being of practitioners. Key areas include:

– The Importance of Body Language

– De-Escalation

– The Crisis Cycle

– Post-Incident: Reflecting, Repairing and Recording

– Behaviour Plans and Risk Assessments

– Activities to Support Emotional Well-Being

The course duration is one full day and this can take place as a single session, as half-days or even as up to six twilights, anywhere in the UK. It can also be delivered as part of a service level agreement package.

Other Services

Emotional Well-Being for Children

This course teaches practical strategies that support the emotional well-being and mental health of young people. The modules show how to understand stress, depression and anxiety; anger management; and dealing with self-harm.

Team Teach

We provide all forms of Team Teach training for the Hampshire, Swindon, Wokingham and Wolverhampton. Each of our Team Teach courses is delivered by expert practitioners.

Emotional Well-Being for Staff

Education settings can be high pressure, emotional places to work in so this course looks at the importance of emotional literacy in life, stress management, how to assert yourself and how to develop reflective practice.

Help for Non-School Settings

This is a service designed to assist establishments that care for individuals with challenging behaviour or special educational needs. After a visit we provide a comprehensive report containing all of our findings, and realistic and effective strategies to effect improvement.

How to Record and Report Correctly

Our government’s legislation places great emphasis upon the correct procedures for recording and reporting incidents, and getting this right is vital. This course shows you how to accomplish this and ensures that you keep your staff protected and safe.

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